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Exlpainer and Whiteboard Video Maker Software

An explainer or whiteboard video is a brief animated professional video that concentrates on detailing a business concept in a straightforward, appealing and convincing way, by utilizing a transparent and to the point language; pleasing and appealing visuals that instantly grab the viewer’s interest. It’s both informative and instructive, typically it describes exactly what the business offers, how it can benefit the consumers with their situation, and details precisely why the products or services are the most effective choice on the market.

Advantages Of Creating An Explainer Video:

1- Clarify your company concept in only a matter of seconds: Explainer video clips are excellent to describe your company idea in a few mere seconds, they function flawlessly to immediately get your audience’s interest. By putting an explainer video tutorial above the fold in your home page, you can boost the typical visit time by few minutes.

2- Enhance your online presence Hence, should you make your website visitors stay longer on your website, it is extensively valued by Google the search engines, contemplating it as of interest which will rank it higher.

3- Boost conversion rates Explainer video clips are extremely captivating, attractive and powerful, and they motivate individuals to keep on watching. People will be able to know what you do in a quick, plain, enlightening and enjoyable way. An explainer video tutorial can grow conversion rates by 30% on average and can even be higher depending on the market.


Explainer videos are the top choice for top companies because in seconds they can:

• what your business or services is all about

• why they should do buy your products or services

• why should they buy it now and not later


More facts regarding whiteboard and promotional videos:

— 9 out of 10 rather watch than read

— Video whiteboard promotion is 10 times more effective than cold calls or direct mail.

Whiteboard Videos increase people’s awareness of your product or service by 84%

— 70% of website visitors would rather watch a video than reading text on the same webpage.

— 85% of visitors say that watching a video about a product or services is helpful in the decision making process


Explainer Video examples from Youtube